Superfeines Glasfaser-Drahtkabel

CITCABLE:  Super fine peek  Single-mode Fibre wire cable
Temperature Range:   -100°C to +200°C, short time300°C
   1,125um Single-mode Fibre with coating OD:235--255um
    2,PEEK,PEI,TPI OD:0.35---0.40MM

   it's meeting the special application requirements of the optical fibre in the radiation environment, the multi-mode fibre with radiation resistance is developed by adjusting the optical fibre components and improving the process technology. This fibre has graded refractive index profile, which fully optimizes the waveguide characteristics of 850nm & 1300nm operating wavelength, and has very low attenuation and high bandwidth. CITCABLE radiation resistant multi-mode fibres have 50μm core, Besides, CITCABLE also can make customized tight-buffered radiation resistant multi-mode fibre
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  • Kundenspezifisch: CITCABLE kann verschiedene eng gepufferte Materialien wie ETFE, PFA, PEEK, TPI bereitstellen